Oregon Caves Road Guide

A tour through the historic landscapes of Oregon’s gold rush country.


Two Options

Map showing features seen along the Oregon Caves road tour and side trip into Oregon's gold rush country. Cave Junction, southwest Oregon.

YELLOW LINE: Oregon Caves Road Guide. ORANGE LINE: Scenic loop drive through Oregon’s gold rush country. Click image to see enlargement.

The Valley Loop Tour

The valley loop follows a route for a total distance of fourteen miles from where it starts and ends in Cave Junction. The entire loop of scenic driving can be done in about 30 minutes.

Oregon Caves Highway Tour

The road to Oregon Caves is 20 miles in length and takes about 45 minutes to reach the park. Once you have visited the caves, you can return and turn on to Holland Loop to continue the history tour back to Cave Junction. The total distance to go up to the caves and return through the Holland Loop Section is about 45 miles, just five miles longer than going to Oregon Caves National Monument and returning to Cave Junction by Highway 46.

Important note

Many features pointed out on the drive are on private land. Respect privacy and enjoy these historic features from the highway. If you stop, find a place where you can park so your vehicle is off the road and does not pose a hazard to passing vehicles.

The tour route will take you to wineries that each have a tasting room. Please designate a driver if you plan to sample the wine products from our valley.

The road to Oregon Caves may be closed in the winter by snow. Icy conditions can be found in all parts of the valley during freezing weather.

There are gas stations in Cave Junction and a gas pump at the Holland Store. Fill your tank if you plan to go to Oregon Caves.

How to begin the tour

The tour begins at the Illinois Valley Visitor Center located on Highway 46 a few yards from the Highway 199 intersection. Look for it on the right.

ZERO YOUR ODOMETER at either of the visitor center’s driveways.


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