About Highway 199

Highway 199.org is a nonprofit site established to:

  • Support healthful outdoor and educational experiences that bring families together.
  • Promote development and improvement of barrier free access to public lands.
  • Support diversification and sustainability of southwest Oregon economy and business development opportunities through tourism.
  • Provide a source of data, surveys and other information that help leadership make informed and timely decisions about tourism development now and in the future.
  • Pursue partnerships for equitable and sustainable economic opportunity on public lands.
Region covered by this site

Highway 199 is an 80 mile highway that runs between Highway 101 and Crescent City in California to Interstate 5 and Grants Pass in Oregon. It is the main travel corridor between Redwood National and State Park and Crater Lake National Park, most of which is designated as scenic byways. This site provides information about the central segment of Highway 199 in the Siskiyou Mountains of Oregon. This is one of the least appreciated parts of the state and few people stop here because so little is known about the astonishing number of outdoor recreation opportunities and old fashioned community events.