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Help us expand recreational opportunities for families with children who experience disability and live in southwest Oregon and northwest California. We want to create a safe and inclusive environment with opportunities for all family members to enjoy the park including the family dog. 

Your feedback on the survey is essential to making this project succeed.

Project Goal

The survey is focused on residents living in Little League District Eight where long driving distances between coastal communities and Rogue Valley communities have stifled participation in the Challenger League program. A central meeting place for family oriented games and activities may help remove the “distance barrier” and make it easier for families to meet and participate in healthy recreational activities. 

What is Challenger League

Challenger League is a Little League baseball program for individuals who have intellectual or physical disabilities. There is no age limit.

All ages can participate in Challenger League.

All ages can participate in Challenger League.

For more information about Challenger League in southwest Oregon (includes Crescent City):

Janet Ewing
hondhood [at] 
541 659-8618   

Not just about children

Accessibility enables everyone to participate as a coach training young players, umpire calling the shots, spectator cheering the players or a volunteer helping administer the Little League program in your community.

Accessibility enables residents of all abilities to participate as a coach, umpire, spectator, or volunteer helping administer Little League programs.

Accessibility enables residents of all abilities to participate as a coach, umpire, spectator, or volunteer helping administer Little League programs.

Where is Oregon’s District Eight 

Oregon’s Little League District Eight includes Curry and Josephine counties and the west half of Jackson County. Crescent City, California is also included in this district. The site we hope to develop as a central meeting place for Challenger League games and tournaments is at Jubilee Park in Cave Junction. 

Map showing Oregon's Little League District Eight, Cave Junction, Oregon

Oregon’s Little League District Eight includes Curry County, Josephine County, the western half of Jackson County and northern half of Del Norte County, California. The proposed central meeting site is indicated with red lettering.

Planned upgrades

The following upgrades are being at Jubilee Park baseball field to make the field suitable for Challenger League games and tournaments. Keep in mind that we are just starting out with this work and City Council has not had an opportunity to review all proposed upgrades.  

Upgrade wheelchair access to the field

Grant applications submitted
Work to begin Sept-Oct 2018

Access upgrades include widening gates and installing a wheelchair access path around the field, which could also be used for walking exercise by parents during practice or games. If you would be interested in walking exercise, would you like to see outdoor exercise equipment along the path?   

Fundraising to assist low income families

Grant application submitted
Work to begin Sept-Oct 2018

This is a fundraising brick gallery to be used for establishing a fund that can help low income families cover the cost of fuel and possibly other expenses. We don’t want finances to be a barrier to low income families participating in Challenger League. 

 Fenced playground

 Approval pending
Planning will be done before grants submitted
Work to begin: uncertain

This would be a fenced play area to meet the needs of individuals with various disabilities to include wheelchairs, intellectual challenges, visual impairments, and those living within the spectrum of autism. A family friendly restroom facility has also been suggested. There has been a discussion about a respite program with activities and supervision provided so parents can take a break. Your feedback and ideas would be appreciated. 

Wheelchair accessible dugouts

Approval Pending
Grant application due April 5
Work to begin Sept-Oct 2018

The old dugouts are too narrow to be used by wheelchairs so a covered concrete slab will be added to provide a place for wheelchairs to park and maneuver under a roof to provide shelter during rainy weather and shade during hot summer days. 

Shade structures for spectators

Approval pending
Grant source not yet identified
Work to begin: uncertain

 We recognize the fact that there are residents with disabilities who will want to watch games and socialize with other spectators. Individuals who experience disabilities may be more vulnerable to extremes in temperature and weather and for that reason shade structures over bleachers and along fencing are necessary to assure people of all abilities can participate in the game as a spectator. 

Dog Park

Approval partial
Grant sources partially identified
Work to begin: Fall 2018?

A wheelchair accessible dog park that is divided into a section for large dogs and a section for small dogs has been proposed and tentatively approved. Grant applications have been submitted to solve problems of getting to a piece of unused park property where the dog park would be installed. A final plan is needed for development of a landscape for dog play, benches for owners to sit and socialize, and shade structures. Your feedback on what you would like to see added to this dog park would be very appreciated.