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Hiking is an activity that exposes participants to a wide range of natural and man-made hazards. The information on this site is a guide only, and all users of this site must rely on their own judgment of the hazards involved and of their physical ability to participate in hiking adventures.

Travel on backcountry roads can also expose participants to a wide range of natural and man-made hazards. All users of this site assume responsibility for assuring their transportation has adequate tires for backcountry travel, adequate clearance for rough or rocky roads, adequate fuel to arrive and return from the travel experience or destination they choose to participate in, or other problems and hazards associated with travel on backcountry roads. Responsibility includes being prepared for circumstances that may possibly strand them in remote areas for extended periods of time. As a reader, you assume all responsibility for planning and providing for emergencies in backcountry settings to include medical and survival supplies, obtaining and carrying accurate and up to date maps, providing communication equipment such as a cell phone, equipment to repair vehicle problems, and driving responsibly and cautiously on unfamiliar roads.

Water sports and other activities such as swimming can subject participants to many dangers associated with wild and scenic rivers to include swift water, sharp drop-offs, and deep pools. The information provided on Highway199 about locations where water related sports and activities can be found is a guide only, and all users of this site must rely on their own judgment of the hazards involved and of their physical ability to participate in these activities. Users are responsible for planning and providing their own safety precautions for themselves or anyone in their group.

Road guides are intended to help visitors find points of interest along the Highway 199 travel corridor. Users assume responsibility for safe use of these guides to include stopping to view points of interest rather than trying to view and drive at the same time, pulling off to the shoulder of the road in a way that assures safe passage of other vehicles using the road, driving responsibly and cautiously on unfamiliar roads, and not trespassing on private property. These guides also point out wineries or breweries along the route for those who enjoy tasting locally crafted beverages. It is the responsibility of the user to drink responsibly and judge if they need to designate a nondrinking person to drive during these activities.

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Maps: Although all maps, road guides and trail descriptions contained in Highway199 are as accurate as possible, they are not meant to be a substitute for official maps provided by parks, Forest Service or USGS topographic maps. Do not trust and act on one source of information. Double and triple check the reasonableness of any information. Backcountry roads, wilderness terrain and other outdoor settings can change drastically due to both man made and natural occurrences. When hiking, driving in the backcountry, or other outdoor activity, it is always wise to have current maps available. In addition, be sure to check with other sources of information on current weather, trail and road conditions such as might be provided by visitor centers, chambers of commerce, or forest and park rangers that are on duty for information.

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