Logo for historic cemetery grant program, Cave Junction, OregonThe Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries awards grants for the preservation and upkeep of historic cemeteries. Grants can be awarded to Oregon nonprofits, government agencies, schools, organizations and individual citizens. Funding may be requested for protection and security, restoration and preservation, education and training, and research and interpretation.

This program does not require nonprofit status to receive a grant and allows individuals to apply.

The cemetery or burial site must contain at least one burial of a person who died before February 14, 1909.

Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to: security needs, training, conservation of historic elements such as curbs, markers, etc., documentation and mapping, signage, landscape restoration and planning.

There is no matching funds required for this grant program but the Commission encourages applicants to seek local funding to help pay for a project to reduce the amount requested and enable the program to assist more of Oregon’s historic cemeteries.

Begin the application process by registering online here.

Once you are registered, submit an application online here.

For more information contact:  Kuri Gill, Historic Cemetery Grant Program Coordinator
(503) 986-0685 Kuri Gill (kuri.gill@oregon.gov)

Closing date: April 29

Grant size: $1,000 – $8,000

More info: see application guidelines





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