Logo for grant opportunity, Cave Junction, OregonGrants of up to $7,000 to nonprofits (501c3) for the development of new works of live puppet theater. Individual artists are welcomed but those without nonprofit status must apply through a fiscal sponsor (an existing nonprofit who will be willing to submit an application on your behalf).

Funding will be awarded for the production of new works ready to be presented in the coming year, for the development and workshop of these pieces, and to fund the development of new and innovative work specifically for children, families, and teenagers.

You can get a better idea of the type of projects they have funded in the past by visiting the Grant Award link in the top menu bar of the Jim Henson Foundation website.

If you would like to be considered for a grant, the first step is to submit a Letter of Intent postmarked on or before March 14, 2016. The Letter of Intent must not exceed one page and should include your complete contact information and a clear description of the planned project. Please include information on any upcoming performances as well.

The letter must be accompanied by a one-page visual. This can be a working sketch, photograph (no slides), or combination of images that are directly relevant to the puppetry in the proposed project and must be one sided and no larger than 8 1/2 x 11. Puppetry is a visual medium, the image which you submit is essential to the letter of intent phase of the process. If you have any information regarding the visual please be sure to include it either in your letter, or on the same side of the visual that will be scanned. They will only scan one side of of your visual.

Please indicate which category of grant you intend to apply for – Workshop, Production or Family Grant. Do not submit a cover letter or any other additional materials. Letters of Intent are accepted only via postal mail or in-person drop off.

Closing date: Letter of Intent postmarked on or before March 14.

Grant size:
Production Grants: $7,000
Family Grants: $4,000
Workshop Grants: $3,000

More info: see application guidelines

Did you know….
A Community Strategic Plan  makes our community more competitive for grants. A new plan is currently being developed and you are encouraged to get your project ideas and concerns incorporated into the plan. A good place to start is by taking the community survey (see link below) and assure your friends do the same. A community meeting to discuss project ideas will be held at the Senior Center in Cave Junction on March 12 (Saturday) beginning at 9:30 and ending at 12:00. Everyone in the community is welcome to participate.

sidebar image for 20-20 community second survey, Cave Junction, southwest OregonGet involved in changing the community’s future.


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