Logo for grant opportunity, Cave Junction, OregonThis is listed as a grant but is more of a contest for awards up to $25,000 for equestrian organizations involved in horse rescue. Grant awards are determined by participation in Help a Horse Day,  a national celebration and contest to raise awareness of the plight of horses. Equine rescues and sanctuaries are encouraged to host an event highlighting the work they do and showing community members how they can help. You can find out more about the Help a Horse Day event by visiting the ASPCA Equine Fund website.

The ASPCA Equine Fund (AEF) provides grants to U.S. nonprofit animal welfare organizations that care for horses, mules, donkeys and ponies. To date, the AEF has granted more than$9.25 million to organizations involved in equine welfare in all 50 states.

You will find fundraising tips and tips for organizing a successful event in the side bar on the Help a Horse Day webpage.

Deadlines: Register your event by April 1, 2016. Grant applications open April 25, 2016

Grant size: $25,000

More info: see application guidelines

Did you know….
A Community Strategic Plan  makes our community more competitive for grants. A new plan is currently being developed and you are encouraged to get your project ideas and concerns incorporated into the plan. A good place to start is by taking the community survey (see link below) and assure your friends do the same. A community meeting to discuss project ideas will be held at the Senior Center in Cave Junction on March 12 (Saturday) beginning at 9:30 and ending at 12:00. Everyone in the community is welcome to participate.

sidebar image for 20-20 community second survey, Cave Junction, southwest OregonGet involved in changing the community’s future.


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