Logo announcing grant opportunities for the Illinois Valley communities of Cave Junction, O'Brien, Kerby, Selma, and Takilma, southwest Oregon

This grant is awarded to nonprofit organizations and schools for initiatives in which youth, ages six to twenty five, take leadership roles in a project or activity that addresses one or more of the following issues: food security, nutrition, agriculture, food politics, and education.

A good way to find information on the type of programs they support, see the list of recent grant recipients. This is also a good place to find project ideas such as cooking classes, development of vertical gardens, gardens focusing on cultural themes, and gardens focusing on historic themes such as a Victory Garden project sponsored by an American Legion Post. In our area, it would be possible to include projects that involve Native American food culture or classes on the identification and preparation of natural foods from the surrounding valley and mountains.

Closing date: February 27, 2016

Grant size: $5,000-10,000

More info: See the website for Opal Apple application guidelines.

Do you have an idea but no nonprofit?

If you have an idea for a project but you are not a member of a nonprofit, you might want to take your idea to one of the Valley’s nonprofits and see if they will be willing to partner with you. Here is a list of nonprofits, service organizations, and support groups that are active in Illinois Valley. The nonprofit must have a 501(c)3 status. Schools also qualify for these grants:

list of nonprofits in Illinois Valley, Cave Junction, southwest Oregon

This list of Illinois Valley nonprofits and service organizations will give you some ideas of who you can talk to about your project idea. Click image to see enlargement.

Did you know….

A Community Strategic Plan  makes our community more competitive for grants. If food security, healthy eating, nutrition, and agriculture is important to you, be certain to get you ideas and concerns into the plan that is now being developed. You can take the survey below and any group can request a special meeting with facilitators where agriculture, nutrition, and food security will be the discussion topic.

sidebar image for 20-20 community second survey, Cave Junction, southwest Oregon
Get involved in changing the community’s future.

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