Logo for second community survey, Cave Junction, southwest OregonThe second survey for the Illinois Valley 20/20 Vision is ready for your input and takes about five minutes to complete. Please share this message so everyone in Illinois Valley including former residents and alumni have an opportunity to participate.

Three word phrase

On the last page of the survey you are asked to “….write three words or a three word phrase that express your 5-year vision for the Illinois Valley.” These words are likely to be used for developing a “vision statement” for the community strategic plan using a method called word mapping. The best way to start with answering this question is to imagine what you hope the community will be like in five years. From that imagined image, select words that best describe what you see.

There may also be other ways these words will be used in the development of goals and objectives for the plan.

A vision statement, goals, and objectives are the common structure of a community plan and this may not seem important for people who are not familiar with planning documents. However, they are important to foundations and other entities that award grants.

Community plans will make this community more competitive for grants – big grants – that will enable us to take big steps to solve problems and improve the quality of life of Illinois Valley. It is vital that everyone in the community participates to assure that the steps we take are in the direction that will be the greatest benefit to the community and the people who live here.



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