Logo for grant opportunities in Cave Junction, southwest OregonThis foundation supports organizations that enrich the lives of youth and preserve and protect wildlife and habitat.

Youth programs should emphasize active participation in education, cultural experiences, and athletics. Priority is given to minority youth but the low income status of our community may give applications an additional boost.

Wildlife and habitat projects emphasize promotion of biodiversity in a changing climate. The Foundation’s wildlife stewardship efforts focus on strategies to preserve the resilience of our vital ecosystems and to promote biodiversity and the protection of wildlife.

Closing date: March 1, 2016

Grant size: Up to $25,000

More info: see application guidelines

Don’t have nonprofit status? Find a sponsor who does

Some Foundations will allow a nonprofit sponsor to use their 501c3 status to apply for a grant on your behalf. The best way to do this is contact a nonprofit and ask but it is always best to start with the nonprofits who have goals that your project idea supports.

Did you know….

A Community Strategic Plan  makes our community more competitive for grants. A new plan is currently being developed and you are encouraged to get your project ideas and concerns incorporated into the plan. A good place to start is by taking the community survey (see link below) and assure your friends do the same. If you have a group of people with a special concern you want to see addressed in this plan, you can request a meeting that focuses on that topic. These meetings need to take place before the middle of March to assure that this information can be incorporated into the final plan when it is produced at the end of March.

sidebar image for 20-20 community second survey, Cave Junction, southwest OregonGet involved in changing the community’s future.


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