image showing child playing at a splash padThis post provides a short summary of discussions that have been heard over the past four years about installing a splash pad at Jubilee Park. The intention is to give Illinois Valley residents an opportunity to share ideas and concerns and maybe get together to draw up a proposal for the City to approve so steps can be taken to get the project started.

Funding for projects like this are available through a variety of foundations. The City of Cave Junction would not need to pay for installation of the spray pad but community support for maintenance in the following years needs to be an integral part of the discussion and plan.

What is a splash pad

Splash pads, also known as spray parks, are basically a concrete pad with a variety of devices that spray water. Not much different than putting a sprinkler out on the lawn for kids to run through. The image below shows a medium size pad with a modest number of spray devices. Some of the bigger parks have a much larger variety of spray features.

image showing a sample spray pad

This spray pad has hoops for kids to run through, a tower with three buckets that fill and randomly dump water on the kids below, and spray heads that squirt water much like a sprinklers used on a lawn. Click image to see enlargement.

Proposed location at Jubilee Park

The site that has been suggested for the splash pad is between the playground and pavilion because parents can sit in one location and supervise their children playing in either the playground or splash pad.

Map showing the location of the proposed spray pad at Jubilee Park, Cave Junction, southwest Oregon

The yellow highlighted box shows the proposed location of the spray pad. Click image to see an enlargement.

What about water use

It is possible to install systems that recycles water. An example is the video below that shows a time-lapse construction of the Bullhead City Splash Park, which recycles water.  Note that the Bullhead City project includes shade structures over picnic tables where parents can supervise in comfort and wheelchair access pathways so residents of all abilities can enjoy cooling off on those hot summer days.


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