Logo announcing grant opportunities for the Illinois Valley communities of Cave Junction, O'Brien, Kerby, Selma, and Takilma, southwest Oregon

This is an interesting grant because it emphasizes community development using the arts and humanities. Wait. Keep reading. The organization is especially interested in projects that address public safety and projects that develop activities for youth (they gave an example of a skate park). Visit their webpage for more info. Watch their introductory video for a more personalized insight to what kind of projects they fund. And pay close attention to what they say at the bottom of the page “...we have not had a lot of projects that address issues related to environment/energy; health; and public safety, so we are especially eager to look at projects addressing anything in those areas.”

Closing date for applications

Applicants must register and submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) online no later than February 16. Application deadline March 2, 2016.

Grant size

They have  $10 million to distribute but they did not indicate what size grants they would consider (I think the door is open for suggestions).

Grant objectives

Proposals must demonstrate how artists, arts organizations or arts activities can help address a particular issue or problem.  Projects should focus on a neighborhood or other geographic community (Cave Junction, Deer Creek Valley, etc) to help improve the community’s agriculture and food, economic development, education and youth, environment and energy, health, housing, immigration, public safety, transportation, or workforce development.

There are more art organizations in Illinois Valley than you think. Some examples include Southern Oregon Guild, Illinois River Valley Arts Council, Valley Girls Quilt Club, etc. Don’t forget the high school. They have an art program but don’t underestimate the ability of the welding class to come up with something creative.

Don’t have nonprofit status? Find a sponsor who does

Some Foundations will allow a nonprofit sponsor to use their 501c3 status to apply for a grant on your behalf. Best way to do this is ask but it is always best to start with the nonprofits who have goals that your project idea supports.

Did you know….

A Community Strategic Plan  makes our community more competitive for grants.

2020_vision_logo_250x124pxGet involved in changing the community’s future.
Illinois Valley Community Plan Survey  



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