Photo showing hikers on Woodcock Mountain overlooking Cave Junction, southwest OregonThis post provides information about a proposed trail that will start at the Forks State Park’s equestrian parking area on Westside Road and climbs to the top of Woodcock Mountain.


This trail idea was suggested by a member of the Back Country Horsemen during the summer that volunteers worked to develop the eight miles of equestrian trails on the westside of Illinois River Forks State Park. One of the appealing aspects of the idea is the fact that the first half of the route follows an abandoned prospect road to where it ends at a prospect about half

Map showing the proposed Woodcock Mountain Trail, Cave Junction, Oregon

The proposed Woodcock Mountain Trail will be developed in two phases. The red line shows the location of the abandoned prospect road. The yellow line shows the extended trail to the top where hikers can follow the Biscuit Fire line to other destinations.

way up the mountain. A proposal and application for Title II funding to construct the trail was submitted in the spring of 2015 and was approved. Final environmental work on Phase One of the project is expected to be done by the BLM and State Parks this spring and summer with the possible start date of Phase One trail construction likely to begin in the fall of 2016. It will take longer to get final approval for Phase Two trail construction to allow adequate time for the BLM to do a thorough environmental assessment of the botanically unique upper part of the mountain. Maybe 2017.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to provide local residents with a hiking trail to the top of Woodcock Mountain. Once on top, the ridge can be followed to the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Rough & Ready Creek Canyon, and other locations.

Photo with labels showing the Woodcock Mountain ridge. Cave Junction, Oregon

The location where the Woodcock Mountain Trail ends is shown with an arrow and the word “trail.” From that point, hikers can follow the ridge top to other locations.

Long Range Goal

The long range goal is to create a hiking route that Cave Junction residents can follow from their home to the top of Woodcock Mountain, a distance of about two and a half miles.

Photo showing an oblique view of the proposed Woodcock Mountain Trail, Cave Junction, Oregon

The objective of this project is to connect existing trails to create a route that residents of Cave Junction can follow to hike to the top of Woodcock Mountain and beyond.

Funding and Maintenance

The project will be partially funded by a Title II grant. Additional grant request will be submitted to cover the cost of trail construction. Additional funding from donations and volunteers are expected when the project gets started.


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