A wheelchair accessible pathway will be developed this summer around the new disc golf course at Illinois River Forks State Park, Cave Junction, Oregon. This post explains what is being done, why this is important, and who is paying for it.


A new disc golf course was installed by a community group at Forks Park in March, 2014 with all funding coming from local businesses, donors, volunteers and a grant from the Ford Family Foundation. The idea for a wheelchair accessible trail was discussed and proposed during that project.

Wheelchair accessible disc golf courses are rare and this new trail is expected to give Cave Junction an additional marketing advantage for attracting visitors who want to enjoy family oriented recreation activities that all family members can join regardless of their ability.

aerial map showing the location of the wheelchair accessible trail at Illinois River Forks State Park, Cave Junction, southwest Oregon

The yellow line shows the location of the wheelchair accessible trail to be constructed at Illinois River Forks State Park. Cave Junction is seen in the upper right corner. The red arrows show the location of the tee pad and basket for each of the nine fairways that make up the course.

Purpose and need

The primary purpose of the trail is to provide wheelchair access but it will be equally important for parents with infants in strollers. This path will allow young parents as well as people with disabilities to participate in the game or just tag along to enjoy being in the outdoors in the safety of a group.

The course has two crossings over a ditch that fills with water during heavy rains. If you want to play on the course, you need to wade through the water. The path will solve this problem by creating two culverted crossings that will be wide enough for the golf cart that is used to patrol the park and pick up trash.


A Title II grant has already been received and an application was submitted to the Oregon Community Foundation for additional funding. Community donations and volunteers are expected to help complete funding.


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