This post shows the location of the proposed Little League field next to Jubilee Park and explains why it is needed, who will benefit, and who is going to pay for its development and upkeep.

General background

The project will result in new land being added to Jubilee Park (will become City property) through a land purchase funded by grant money and donations. The map shows the location of the site highlighted in yellow.

Efforts to move the project forward began in November 2014. The initiative is still in its early stages of development. Public input appreciated. Comment below.

Purpose and need

The new field will enable Little League to hold all practice at Jubilee Park, which will allow school buses to transport children enrolled in Little League from school to the park. Prior to this, parents needed to provide transportation to widely dispersed locations and many of our youth could not participate because the schedules of working parents became a barrier. The buses will take that barrier away.

Benefits to the business community

The new field will allow Cave Junction to host Little League tournaments. Two fields are needed to host tournaments and for most of the Valley’s history, there has been only one field in this community that can be used for Little League games.

The Valley’s Little League teams are part of District 8 of the Oregon State Little League program, which extends from the inland communities of Medford and Grants Pass to the coastal communities of Gold Beach, Brookings and Crescent City. Cave Junction is a halfway point for both adult teams and Little League teams and makes it an easier location for inland and coast teams to meet and play games.

The disabled benefit

Little League includes a division called the Challenger League for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Recent changes in rules now allow individuals of all ages to participate. The Challenger program has faced difficulty expanding participation along the coast because of the distance that must be traveled for coast teams to play against inland teams. Cave Junction is a convenient half way point for Challenger players to meet and play games and it is hoped that the new field will play a key role in expanding participation in the Challenger League.

Who is involved in this project

The effort is centered on supporting the Little League program. The project is just getting started and at this time the key participants are Little League, Illinois Valley Community Development Organization, City of Cave Junction, and a growing interest by Illinois Valley Lions.


Updates will be posted periodically as this project gets its footing. Please submit comments below. These will be collected and incorporated into planning and discussion.



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